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Hello!!!!I feel the most content I have felt in like two weeks I… - arterialxfear [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 9th, 2006|12:31 am]
Hello!!!!I feel the most content I have felt in like two weeks I talked somethings out with some friends of mine my friend Kat worked out things with her mom and things are just really nice right now and I'm very thankful for that!!!!!!! I did't get to talk to The boy I like about going to the movies but I did get to talk to him he's soooo great I don't even kno.....ok I do know and I definatley care!!!!!!I was really frustrated about situations with my friends especially Kat. But I was just kind of ignoring it, when I ignore things that frustrate me they turn into anxiety attacks(yeah I know fun stuff right). They had actually began to get better untill this stuff this gayness. I'm learning alot right now about how I don't have control or people or things that happen around me. I only have control over myself and my actions, and when I think of that I relize that that is alot easier than trying to stop the wind and catch it and stuff which I tend to try to do alot. I'm still learning though but I like learning so it all good. Some people that I was concerned about and was praying about have started to relize that too sooooo... it's cool stuff!!!!

Whats the diffrence between joy and happiness??????