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Sooooooo I love what I've done with my livingroom I just don't even… - arterialxfear [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 21st, 2006|11:49 am]
Sooooooo I love what I've done with my livingroom I just don't even know!!!! It's beautifull I could stare at it forever and ever. My room is partially finished I jussssssssssssssst need like to more poster picture frames and then I don't know I'm just filled with glee right now. My kitchen looks better not that great but better I put random pics of me and friends up and some DBZ wallscrolls I was just sick of the blank wall space I was going to start on the bathroom but I could find my construction paper it's driving me insane. I need background colors for these pics so I can put them up but nnooooooo. I don't want to play this game I don't want to play hide and seek and I definatley don't want to be it. Because I can never find people and I can't run fast I suck...so yeah. I wonder what it would be like to meet yoshiki, I'm going to find out too I will meet him I don't even care I said that I would meet dir en grey and I did. I know I'll meet yoshiki, I never dreamed I'd meet mana though that was just weird... and now that Gacket doing stuff with Yo-chan the likely-ness of me meeting him has gone up aswell. I'm a woman on a mission.... and I get to see dir en grey again!!! Curtesy(If I didn't spell it right leave me alone....) of Crystal. I really want it to be Kaoru and Shinya but at the same time I really want to meet die and toshiya cause I haven't met them yet and I'm like in love with toshiya. I do believe if I had to pick a favorite it would be toshiya. 12012 was like ubber nice too OMG they were sooo friendly and cuteThe lead singer a shameless flirt.I weant to see them again and I probably could "but lets face it their not very good at planning things"(see curious go like 3 post back follow crytals laughter if you get lost)are they????
If I tried to drive to texas no one would ever hear from me again. Wow I wrote alot! Do I have anything else to say... I slept like 10 hours last night I have a physical tomorrow whoppdifreakindo!!!! They next 3 days are going to be supper busy.... I don't want to think about it but I do want some pop....and for some strange reason I want to see Erica's aunt she amkes me laugh.